About Us

My name is Harvey. I’ve worked in small organisations and also in large corporations. Excel is one of those skills I have been able to transfer from job to job. There is always more to learn. Through the different roles I’ve had in my career, I have been able to use Excel to make existing processes more efficient by automating or simplifying them.

Excel is not easy to use for beginners. There’s too much you can do with it. Too many different formulas. Data can be easily deleted. Cells can easily shift around. But Excel is very useful. It is definitely worth spending time learning how to use it because it is so widely used everywhere.

Throughout the years we’ve faced our own problems using Excel. We want to share with everyone the problems we’ve encountered and how we’ve overcome them. And we want to learn from you as well. If you have any useful tips or tricks you would like to share, please leave a comment and contact us. We are keen to keep adding onto this website so we can make this website more complete.