Rounding Numbers and Decimals in Excel

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Using Check Boxes in Excel

Check boxes in Excel are a useful tool in creating checklists or to-do lists. They are simple to use. Everyone knows how to use a checklist. Users only have two options: tick the checkbox or deselect it. In this article, we will go through step by step how to add check boxes in Excel. And … Continue Reading


How To Use Radio Buttons In Excel

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Calculating Working Days in Excel

In this article, we will examine how to work with and calculate working days in Excel. This includes calculating the number of working days between two dates and also the other way around, we will also figure out what end date will be x number of days after a particular start date. This can come … Continue Reading


Count the Number of Unique Values

Do you have a list of data that has some duplicates in there and you would like to count the number of unique values in the list? This is what we will go through in this article. We will go through two different ways to do this – 1) Remove duplicates and 2) with a … Continue Reading


What is 3D Range in Excel?

3D Range is a useful tool in Excel that makes it easier for us to collate data across different tabs. This is particularly useful when we use a particular template over multiple worksheets and we want to collate everything into one sheet. Imagine here we have a standard template to capture data across all worksheets … Continue Reading


Partial Lookup Values in SUMIF and COUNTIF

In this article we will look at how to use SUMIF and COUNTIF functions with partial lookup values. When we first learned about this, it changed the way we stored our data and the way we did reporting. It became a lot simpler. And of course the use of wildcard with lookup values is also … Continue Reading