Dynamic Dropdown List in Excel

Dropdown List Dependent On Another Cell

For a more complicated dropdown list, we can create dropdown list where the list changes depending on the value in another cell. In this example, we will create two dropdown lists. The first one is a simple dropdown list with the names of the countries (United States, Australia, England and Japan) and for the second dropdown list, the dropdown options will change depending on what is selected for the first one:

  1. Create Name Managers for the different lists by going to Formula tab and clicking on Name Manager

  2. Go to Data tab at the top
  3. Click on Data Validation
  4. Allow: List
  5. For Source, there are two dropdown lists here. For the first list, select the first row ($A$1:$E$1) as the source:

    First list:

    For the second dropdown list, use the INDIRECT function and reference the cell where we have the first dropdown list:


    And this is the final result:

With this logic, we can keep going and create another dropdown list that is dependent on the second dropdown list and so on…

We hope you find this article useful. If you have any more questions on creating a dynamic dropdown list in Excel, please leave a comment below and we will keep editing this article to make it more and more useful for everyone.

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